Many tourists come to Greyton and want to be taken on an outride up into the mountains. Although this is a daunting possibility, a group of well trained horses can be developed to fulfil this demand. Greyton is nestled in a beautiful mountainous area with several hiking and mountain biking trails. Along these trails and in collaboration with the mountain biking and hiking community THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT can offer security and “clean-up” activities as well as natural composting for the benefit of all. GREYTON TOURISM get requests for horse riding options in Greyton on a daily basis, especially on weekends. This is disappointing because there is no such offering at the moment when visitors are brought under the impression that there may be horse riding, especially when considering the promotion at the entrance to the R406 from the N2.

Recently a horse trainer and rider trainer have started doing this at the near by Blue Hippo farm. They are constantly fully booked. THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT are hoping to offer more in the way of exploring the general in and around Greyton.