The applied for land offers enough space so that a section can be prepared to offer livery for other horses of owners in the village at an affordable rate. Grazing has become a problem in general for all horse owners in and around Greyton.

Stables can be built to accommodate horses that need temporary special care if required and water and grazing can be provided as fields are managed optimally.

Those who want to give their horses a “special diet” are able to access the facility and give the horses the care they desire.

SPECIAL CARE will be taken with the water flowing in and out of the river. This water will ONLY flow back into the river from the cribs that are not contaminated with horse manure or other cleaning chemicals etc. Organic cleaning will be implemented and when water is used for cleaning around the area it will be allowed to flow into the ground for natural filtration.

PV Solar power will be generated to supply electricity to feed the water pumps required for this purpose.