Horse Hospital

A separate section on the property close to the barn and stable area will be allocated for a horse hospital. This area can be used for horses that possibly get hurt or get sick so that they can be isolated from the herd while they are treated. This can create valuable experience for vets in training on occasion. We will work together with local welfare organisations to take care of the horses where necessary. We do not wish to compete with or replace the welfare facilities already in existence in the area. We know that many horses have saddle sores and can’t be isolated to make sure that they can recover adequately before they are ridden again. We wish to make a special space available to enable Animal Welfare to easily locate the horses while they are assisted with recovery and then returned to the owner. Often the reason for these sores are blamed on theft and the horses being used for drug runs etc. but with this facility we believe we will be able to reduce and hopefully even eliminate the unnecessary painful experience.