On the proposed property for which THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT 250-172NPO have made application to the local municipality one can adequately house and care for approximately 50 horses. The initiators of THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT are committed to re-appropriating the land by removing alien plants, organising indigenous plants and trees as well as growing adequate food for the horses. The ground is of good quality and it will be feasible to grow nourishing grasses and other food like lucerne, wild oats and barley amongst other varieties. This will assist the local horse owners with adequate grazing for their horses once again. This area will solely be available for these displaced horse owners who agree to the constitution of THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT.

Economically active village dwellers will need to pay for livery should they wish for their horses to be taken care of on the property. Please refer to Livery section.