Community Events

Horses will be selected for their temperament so that they can be used at events and festivals in the village. Safety will come first while these horses are used to bring the community together to celebrate holidays and commemorate historic events.

Horses for these purposes require time and training. Not every horse is a good fit for community events. Horse drawn carriage rides, pony rides and animal petting is already happening at the famous GREYTON SATURDAY MARKET but with great outcry about the bad condition of the horses, causing great distress for everyone. This can be made something of the past by improving the conditions under which the horses are kept so that they are healthy, bright eyed and bushy tailed as they carry their guests proudly and pull their well-conditioned and maintained carriages through the village in an orderly manner. Horses with the right disposition and training can enjoy the hustle and bustle of an event as well as the human attention that goes along with it. Just mentioning community parades will trigger more possibilities for local participation.

Supporting community events is another way that THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT can give back to the community – from attracting more affluent people to local events, or being present aside long distance mountain bike or running trails for security purposes to maintaining public trails on regular outrides.

The possibilities are endless.