Some of the horses are offspring of good bloodlines. THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT has secured the availability of one such a stallion that can be used for controlled breeding with a select few of the mares to provide beautiful and magnificent horses for sale to horse lovers all over the country. It is our hope that we can clean up the bloodlines of these horses to develop a bloodline kown as THE GREYTON HORSE that is robust, powerful and well trained in the unique manner demonstrated by local horse lovers/owners.

Horses that are being kept on the property in the livery section who wish to participate in the development of THE GREYTON HORSE will be allowed to breed with our future stallion/s and share the proceeds of the sale of the foals – but this is merely an option and not a requirement. This will be carefully managed as the last thing we wish to do is bring more animals into the world that cannot be taken care of.