Lack of grazing and safe space

Because the village has grown to much and more houses are being built on empty space where the horses used to graze, the horse farmers have become loaded with needing to feed their horses with bought food. Obviously there is a lot of space around the village but it is not safe especially as a result of pollution, aggressive dogs and opposing village dwellers who physically chase the horses … throw sticks at them and even drive them away with their hooting cars. One can in some way understand the animosity due to the damage the horses can cause to pretty flower beds and fancy walls.

Feeding their horses is simply unaffordable for the horse owners as most of them are unemployed according to current economic structures. They are forced to let their horses dwell in the mountains and the village roads. Keeping a horse by providing food bought from farmers can cost between R2000 and R3000 per horse and sometimes at up to tens of thousands per month in very dry weather conditions depending on the horse’s health and on how many horses need to be fed! This has become an impossible situation.

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