This proposal encompasses the planned Rescue Centre for The Greyton Horse Retreat. Because horses sometimes get sick and injured one needs a smaller enclosure in which to keep them and even stable them. There are many illnesses and injuries that require 24/7 observation and care. Since The Greyton Horse Retreat property obtained from the local government is not suitable for housing or any permanent structures we wish to procure a property close by for this purpose.

The proposed property is Wheatlands Farm PLOT 6  which is only a short distance from The Greyton Horse Retreat called the Rescue Centre.

This property will be used for the following purposes:

  • Administration offices for The Greyton Horse Retreat as well as The Rescue Centre.
  • Accommodation for specialists should it be required.
  • 8-10 paddocks to hold injured or recovering horses. There is additional space in case it is needed but for now we will start with this.
  • 4-8 stables to hold injured or recovering horses.
  • Accommodation for teachers and trainers that are invited to come and teach and train children and grownups about horses in various fields.
  • Accommodation for the managers and organisers of the facility being Yves and Dailon as well as various officers where needed for the running of the facility.

This property has adequate space and opportunities for this purpose. There are 3 dams on 8Ha. There are also 5 separate dwellings for accommodation for specific visitors assisting with the horses and events at the Greyton Horse Retreat.

Our biggest problem is to accommodate injured horses and horses that need treatment. We have had almost 10 horses die just this year (2021) and we are only in July. The problems include the horses getting sick from eating the waste that is not managed properly in the area. Although the dump facility is being upgraded, the horses are chased from there and they are chased from the village and end up on the main roads and then get hit by cars. Several horses have died this year from abuse, colic, killed by stray dogs and hit by vehicles.

Many of the horses are brought to Yves’s property where she tries to get them cared for but the property is small and it becomes a big problem. A proper facility is needed so that more horses can be assisted properly and hopefully saved. The Greyton Horse Retreat will then be their home once they’ve been treated and are better and discharged from the Rescue Centre.

Just recently a mare died from what we think was an internal rupture and left 3 foals behind. Two of the foals were given to her as she was a wonderful surrogate mom. Now she is gone and the three foals are roaming. Nobody knows where they are and we are just hoping they stay safe.

Because we would like to offer courses and opportunities for learning we will need adequate accommodation and facilities for but not limited to the following:

  • Final year practical opportunities for those studying veterinary services together with accommodation. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and expand on the welfare of the horses and enable others to watch and learn how to care for horses and how to notice when a horse in unwell.
  • Farriers will be invited to come and train youngsters who are interested in this career.
  • Leadership trainers who wish to share their knowledge with future generations.
  • Horsemanship trainers from all over the world who can come and share their expertise.
  • Horse Dental treatment specialists to come and share their expertise.
  • We believe that this will provide tremendous career opportunities for the young people in the area and even young people who wish to come and participate in the courses offered at the Greyton Horse Retreat.

The Greyton Horse Retreat and the Rescue Centre, although separate, will run hand in hand but can also run separately. The Rescue Centre will be for the emergencies, and the Retreat will be for maintenance and the place where events will be held to uplift the community and provide people with constructive recreation that will educate, enlighten and bring peace.

The young people in the area do not have facilities or any opportunities to develop and find career interests and the like. Teenage pregnancies and drug abuse is a huge problem in the area, as well as neglect. We see the Greyton Horse Retreat as a place where they can learn empathy toward animals, nature and each other. We see this project as an opportunity to build a better future by equipping young people with knowledge and skills with a holistic approach so that we can build a better world for generations to come.

The dwellings on the property for the Rescue Centre are not all complete so much work is still to be done. There are 4 stables that are incomplete and 2 dwellings that are still incomplete. These will need to be completed while the Retreat is being set up. Costs for this process is extensive but it will certainly be worth it in the end for the horses, the community and we are making sure we do things to nurture the earth too.

Although the objective is to make the Rescue Centre self-funding it can be that income is not sufficient because of the nature of the facility, however, the Rescue Centre is a service to The Greyton Horse Retreat and funding can also be obtained through the Retreat where applicable.

The Rescue Centre will exist symbiotically with The Greyton Horse Retreat and will sustain each other. Caring for horses can be expensive and so much needs to be done to sustain these facilities for the benefit of the community.

We see the Greyton Horse Retreat as a solution to many social, educational and welfare problems in the area. The website: will be the official website for this project.

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