Through THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT Non-Profit Organisation 250-172 NPO some individuals have collectively taken it upon themselves to find a solution for the local community to enable them to keep their horses in a suitably organised manner.

The supposed feral horses (who actually have owners) in Greyton have been grazing in the area for many years but due to development and various other events as mentioned in the pages of this website/blog. The horse owners as well as the horses have been displaced causing much distress to the village dwellers as well as the horses themselves, not even to mention the heartache that the horse owners have had to endure in recent years.

To confiscate/impound these horses under the auspices of various village dwellers that they are not cared for and that they are let loose to do as they please is unfair and unjust. Although we understand that there are horses that are abused, and we wish to take care of them too, it is important to us that there is an understanding that not all local horse owners abuse or mistreat their horses.

THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT Non-Profit Organisation has requested the local municipality to agree to an area that can be secured for this purpose to enable the community to afford for themselves a solution to their dilemma. A specific area has been pin-pointed, however, final agreement has not yet been reached and if the specified area is not allocated THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT will endeavor to purchase suitable property in or around the area.

Various activities as proposed in pages of this website/blog will be pursued in order to generate funds to run the facility professionally with full annual reports submitted to the municipality and government bodies in order for them to rest assured that this was a good decision.

The main purpose of THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT 205-172 NPO is to provide a structured facility for these horses and their owners lost open, easily accessible fields and safe space.

The structure that was chosen for this facility is that of a NON-PROFIT, NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION formed by Voluntary Association. This structure will allow for beneficial fund acquisition and a suitable management organogram which will offer the best support to the local horses and their owners. Horse owners who agree to the constitution of THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT will be allowed to use the facility for their horses with adequate support.

Future plans can be viewed through the different sections of this blog on the index to the left. We will be posting blogs and a lot of news so that we can find horse lovers around the world who want to help and even visit.

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