Point of Departure

We are aware of the funds that are meant to be used to restore quality to the lives of these people. There is a strong desire for land to be appropriated for the local horse owners to use for this purpose. We, the initiators of this project have, between ourselves, agreed to champion this collaboration and have put in place an NPO that can demonstrate the success that can be achieved through such an organised structure. We appeal to the Greyton and Genadendal community and wards to allow us to demonstrate our ability by granting us permission to fence off the suggested area adequately, in order to start planning and implementing our activities in 3 PHASES. (This application is already submitted and we await positive approval.)

We are aware that such a facility is a long term and even a life-long mission and we are willing to commit to this purpose because it is important that land be provided for these displaced people and animals in this time of reformation so that their joy of keeping horses can be restored. We have to start somewhere and we appeal to the people of Greyton to allow this initiative to begin as soon as possible.

It is our sincere hope that other initiatives will follow our example to create more multi-racial and multi-cultural projects where all involved are equally enriched contributing to the hope of the people of South Africa as they overcome the mistakes of the past, supporting the concept of TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER.

Yvette Fourie (aka Yves)

We ask the following:

  • that we may be granted access to and the ability to securely fence the initial PHASE 1 portion of the property requested (60 hectares in size) with possible funding available.
  • that we may install a pump, filter and piping reticulation to provide water from the river for the use of the animals. Should this not be possible we will need to get permission to sink boreholes for this purpose. We know that there is a spring and we will apply for water rights.
  • that we may have security installed around this area to protect the area and the horses from theft.
  • that we are introduced to the various individuals in government who can support our mission in order for us to present our desires to the various wards that govern the Greyton area to gain permission to utilise the said area for this purpose.
  • that we are directed to the correct departments and organisations that we can approach for further funding for development.

Once this initial area is secured, the 27+ horses that have been earmarked to be protected, can immediately be relocated. These horses are used to being in the wild and will cope in this area as the section chosen has adequate vegetation under which they can rest and be safe. An invitation will be extended to all horse owners in the community.

We have estimated that we need approximately $350,000 (R5,000,000) to cover the initial set up costs. Details of these initial set up costs can be obtained by direct request on e-mail. Please email us at info @ thegreytonhorseretreat.com for detailed information.

The development will be done in 3 phases.


Phase 1 is the area that needs to be fenced off and secured for the immediate protection of the horses. This phase will include bringing water into the area forming a small dam where the horses can drink. We will use wells next to the river to allow water to seep in from which the dam will be filled. Should it be possible to include parts of the river to provide for further water for the horses this will be assess but absolute care will be taken so that the river is not obstructed in any detrimental way.

The entrance has specifically been placed so that we can attract visitors for weekend events who will be able to overnight in Greyton and surrounds and be close to the area for convenience.

This is the most important phase and great care needs to be taken with the surrounding fences as theft is one of the biggest problems with the horses and items needed when working with horses. We have therefore secured some commitment from a local security company to enable us to have a good security system that will prevent theft and access to the property.


A specific area has been chosen for PHASE 2 because it has easy access to the river and the area is fairly flat with plenty of grazing which will make it easy to develop paddocks in which suitable food can be planted and given time to grow.


Although Phase 3 can develop much sooner due to possible need, it has been allocated as the last phase.


Specific planning and implementation will be submitted to various funding companies offering detailed planning and financials. Based on the information we hope that we find funders who are enthusiastic about this initiative as the future is dependent on collaboration and appreciation of differences. It is our desire to show that when we celebrate our differences we celebrate life.

THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT is not specifically initiated to make a profit, however, any organisation that does not generate some money is short lived. The information on this website displays the ways in which this initiative can become self-sustaining and even profitable once the land is secured and sectioned off adequately. The biggest investment that the initiators will need to make is planning, energy and time. All funds will be ploughed back into the facility as well as the development and management thereof which will reported on in a transparent way on an annual basis.

With hard work and more exposure and marketing we should be able to attract many guests who want to be with the horses, or use the cart option for weddings and events as well as organised, well equipped rides. Working with the public is a serious matter and will be treated as such. THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT is aiming more at a holistic approach towards addressing the local community’s needs, i.e. existing horse owners, space for their horses and horse care. Initially the primary objective will be to provide for adequate livery for the local horses that are constantly in danger of the items mentioned in the History section of this website.. The long term intention is to develop the knowledge of the horse owners and their families and to

THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT aim to employ suitable people from the community to benefit the local economy and the local community as a whole.

Fund raising events will be held at the facility as we show off the well cared for beauties. The initiators will steward the asset provided by the government so that it becomes an investment in the community’s future.