Financial Planning and Support

Extensive financial support will be required to bring such a huge mission to fruition. Every effort will be made to make the facility self-funding as fast as possible but initial funds will need to be obtained to set up and get going.


Every effort will be made to obtain sufficient grants for horse owners as they are clearly previously and presently disadvantaged. We are of the opinion that it is time for such development to take place in order to demonstrate the success that can be achieved through collaboration with professionals and those wanting to learn and grow.

Income opportunities

All of the mentioned activities on this website can be seen as income opportunities especially with regard to tourism, entertainment riding, livery, composting, leadership training, mental health facilities, events, breeding and selling compost, however, the goal is not to make money per se, it is mainly to create a retreat for the horses to be safe and use these ways to make it self-sustaining. It will take time to develop the facilities as well as train the horses needed for each category. The initial logical income generators that can help the facility become self-sustaining and can be put in place fairly quickly will be:.

  • Livery
  • Breeding
  • Entertainment riding
  • Providing compost
  • Education (although this will initially be to develop volunteers)
  • Private or government funding.

Further to the above, the following activities will be pursued immediately to develop relationships to obtain funding for development.


To keep costs low, volunteers will be encouraged to visit the retreat to learn about horses and their habits. Through this activity, volunteers and trainers will be developed to assist with organised technical and leadership training events that will become a chargeable activity in the future.

Vets and final year students involving care of animals and horses

Universities and colleges will be encouraged to introduce their students to THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT where they can complete their final year training which will not only reduce costs but will also be a source of income. This action will also increase the credibility of THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT in the hope that it becomes a reputable horse facility.

Fund raising

Weekend fund raising events will be held to encourage affluent horse-lovers to come and look at what can be done when the minds of different disciplines, cultures and backgrounds are combined in a project where passion, ambition and collaboration can be displayed in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

Corporate funding

Various corporate companies will be approached to participate and fund the growth of the facility and will be offered advertising space on the perimeter fences and other benefits. Collaboration will be nurtured with the tourism board to draw more attention to Greyton as well as Genadendal and surrounds.


We need to be able to offer livery. Many horses are moved around from domestic erven to domestic erven which is not ideal. This will be one of the first facilities to be developed as it is financially lucrative and does not require a large amount of daily labour.


As mentioned previously, horse manure can be a high quality compost. If treated naturally, this compost can be sold for between R20 and R60 per bag. Should the facility be run as planned this “compost” can be certified organic as the horses will preferably not be supplemented unnaturally to insure natural, undiluted, pollution free compost – often referred to as “black gold”. Most gardeners know that this kind of compost is guaranteed to cause their flowers and vegetables to flourish.

Training facilities

A very possible opportunity will arise once a riding arena and lunging/training ring is built as many local horse owners are looking for feasible facilities to train and exercise their horses to build fitness and strength. THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT will offer membership to these horse enthusiasts to generate funding while members will be able to enjoy participating in further activities developed at the facility. The local horse owners are familiar with backing horses and can assist new horse owners.


A website, Facebook page and Instagram identity will be set up to promote the facility/activities and will encourage horse lovers to make donations for the benefit of the horses at THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT.

Once the facility is set up, costs will become more manageable. Should any funders be interested in assisting with this facility please contact us at info @ and the financials will be shared indicating where assistance is required. A go-fund-me campaign will be put in place for smaller funding opportunities.

Local Welfare Organisations will initially be approached when it comes to injuries of the horses as well as gelding requests and annual vaccinations but as the facility grows payment for this will be forthcoming. Farrier fees will be minimal since the horse owners have extensive experience with this kind of care but these horses usually have strong hoofs and need much less care than thoroughbreds for example. We do however wish to make provision for farrier fees since the horses will be used for a wider variety of activities and we may need some help sometimes.

Please mail us for more detailed financial information.