About us

The initiators of THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT are experienced in their individual fields.

They are very aware of what has transpired in the area over many years. Although there is a lot to offer, there is nothing being done for the local displaced community bar the assistance from Welfare in cases of emergency. We are also very aware of both sides of “the story” and each have their difficulties. It is important that we all realise that time has passed and that the mistakes made by our ancestors should be put behind us. The local community however have found it impossible to recover taking into account lack of employment and lack of space (which is diminishing rapidly).

It is our intention to create a safe haven where the local horse owners can once again enjoy their animals in a professionally managed facility while offering economic benefits guided by experienced professionals who care.

The local horse owners are willing to take this step and to work together to protect their animals, eliminate the current conflict relating to their horses and to make Greyton a place where all can live together in peace and harmony again.

The initiators of this project realise that this is a life-long commitment and are willing to go the extra mile to secure this facility for generations to come.

We wish to thank the TWK Municipality for affording us the opportunity to present our desired case and request.


Dailon started working with horses when he was 15. He got his first horse from his family. This one then died from colic. This foal was one of the sought after Appaloosa breeds. Dailon then bought another Appaloosa to grow a herd. Now 7 years later he has 11 horses although he would have had 15 but these died from situations as mentioned in the History section of this website. One from colic after being locked up by a farmer in a dry camp with no water or grazing, one in a motor vehicle accident and others from colic mainly as a result of eating plastic at the badly managed dumping yard site.

At the age of 23 now, Dailon has extensive experience with horses and many sick horses too. He always helps his friends with their horses which the local vet helps him with. He has spent nights with horses giving injections through the night to help horses survive. He knows a lot about what can go wrong. He can also care for their hooves making him a valuable “farrier” in case of emergencies. He knows how to give injections and apply various treatments. He is a valuable member of the initiator team.

Dailon was born in Somerset West and moved to Bosmanskloof when he was still a toddler. His mother’s family lives in Bosmanskloof and his family have been there for many generations. Proudly he knows the area like the palm of his hand. He knows nooks and crannies that many have never seen. He has spent days running and walking the terrain looking for lost horses, catching injured horses to administer treatment and simply trying to keep the herd together and safe.

At the moment he works as a gardener but he spends most of his time on the horses.

Dailon’s biggest dream was to become a jockey. There were such opportunities in the past but when he finally entered high school the option wasn’t available anymore.

Dailon matriculated at Emil Weder High School in Genadendal.

With all his experience specifically with horses it was decided to make him the chairman of the team. There is nothing more valuable than time spent with that which you love.


Waheed was born in Greyton and his ancestors were those forced to relocate to Heuwelkroon. His humble demure is admirable considering his family’s struggles of the past. He is now 34 years old and an avid rugby fan.

As a horse lover Waheed gained extensive hands-on experience with horses. He got his first horse at the age of 20 and grew his herd to 6 over 12 years. He lost 3 of his horses that were shot by a local farmer. 1 of his horses got spooked on a bridge coming into Genadendal and jumped to her death over the side of the bridge, and another was bitten by a snake and died. He has only one horse left, a valuable Appaloosa cross Friesian stallion which was recently gelded. He was forced to geld this horse because it would constantly pursue mares in the area creating some conflict and Waheed had lost all hope of having a herd of horses anyway.

Waheed’s dream was to become a horse and cattle farmer but with all the difficulties experienced in the area he resorted to joining the workforce and is now a carpenter for Woodworx. Not all is lost as his experience with working with wood makes him an excellent candidate to assist with setting up the chosen area for THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT. His knowledge of the horses as well as the horse owners makes Waheed a valued member of the team. He has spent 34 years watching and waiting and also hoping that things can change for the horses. He knows every horse by name and knows exactly who they belong to and where they come from. His excitement is once again bubbling over since his dream to be a farmer of, at least horses may now come true.

Waheed matriculated at Emil Weder Highschool in Genadendal.


Yvette was born in Pretoria, spent most of her young life in Johannesburg until she relocated to the Western Cape, Somerset West in 1998. She has always loved horses and worked at stables in Honeydew, Johannesburg as a teenager to gain experience with these marvelous animals but in later years her busy career didn’t afford her the time to own a horse herself. She was born in 1966 and after giving up her career in 2005 to care for her 3 children she moved to Greyton for a better lifestyle with horses all around. To her dismay she discovered that many don’t share the same love for horses around the village and this encouraged her to start communicating with the local community about the problems they were experiencing with these “feral” horses.

After many hours of research, questions, pleasant and even unpleasant experiences with the ‘horsy-people’ in the village she discovered that these horses weren’t “feral” but were owned by people from the local community. At every encounter she had with those who criticized the local horse owners and their horses she heard the words “if they can’t take care of their horses they don’t deserve to have them”. This was surprising to Yvette when considering the history of the area and she knew that someone had to do something. She, together with Waheed and Dailon, decided that they are “someone” and immediately drafted their initial plan to protect and secure the horses that are being driven from the land. Yvette’s experience lies with marketing, advertising and branding. As a serial entrepreneur, she has extensive experience in setting up businesses from a technical as well as aesthetic point of view. At the age of 23 she already set up her first business serving the printing and advertising industry. She has mostly worked as an independent contractor for many companies assisting with setting up and implementing automation strategies for administrative as well as marketing functions. Her contribution to the team will involve promoting THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT, setting up the necessary administrative and reporting systems, websites and social media options in order to gather those who care to donate to the cause in order to make this initiative a successful collaboration. It is her wish to demonstrate that team work is the only way to go across all social divides in order to heal from the past.

Yvette recently acquired two horses for her children and has experienced the difficulties experienced by the local horse owners first hand.

Yvette matriculated in Johannesburg in 1984.