Love makes a horse trust

Finally we manage to get it together to go and visit Lax (aka Injuries) at the vet where she was treated for colic. With our interactions with horses we have found that love helps a horse trust. I see how these horses become putty in our hands as we love them and scratch them and even talk to them. They each have their own personality.

Our dear Lax. She has lost so much weight. She was outside on a lovely green patch of grass. The vet was fascinated because it seemed she didn’t know what to do with the grass! Is that because she grew up near the dump since a little filly? Do they only want to eat “junkfood” now? I wonder! Is this a reflection on what we are doing to ourselves in many ways too?

Here’s a shocker. This is all the plastic that was removed from this horses gut while in surgery. I’m ashamed. Anybody else?

We hugged her and chatted with her for a while. She was nervous but allowed us to give her some love. She must obviously feel a little uncomfortable with the cut and stitches, and of course the drip.

She recognized our dog, Sally! Sally used to lie down with her when she was here fighting to get the plastic out of her gut. She would just go and lay down near Lax as if she was trying to comfort her.

Animals are amazing. I’ve had a lot to do with horses but trained horses – horses that just do whatever you ask them to. It’s been different experiencing the Greyton horses. They have different kinds of personalities. Lax is quite feisty and since she’s been in pain even more so, so I assume she still feels some pain. And I bet she’s alone without her herd. There are some other horses around her but there’s nothing like family, right?

I’m being dramatic but alas, this whole event has been an important one for me and I suppose everyone around me. We can all see it as a catalyst to make us look at and remove the junk in our lives. A reminder to tidy up and pay attention to how we discard all our trash. I find myself being extra careful. I look at food and packaging differently. It’s a kind of awakening.

Thank you for coming to teach us Lax. I’m sorry.

From this day on things will change. Many have been made aware and many have balked at what was seen. Change starts with me. And you?

We love Lax and are grateful for her bravery. Shame she looks so sad. She has taught us a lot at her expense.
Braveheart Lax. We love you.

The greatest and most important purpose of THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT is to show and teach what these animals really are, and especially what a synergy between horse and man/woman can mean.

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