Goodbye dear Lexi


On Friday 19 March 2021 we found this horse near our home. She was soaking wet with sweat. She could hardly walk. An open sore on her back. It was clear that she had been ridden hard. We took her in and gave her some water. We called EARS Donkey sanctuary to help. We found that she had a fever. She was given a pain killer and something to calm her.

She didn’t want to eat or drink. She was very restless and started to roll and get up and roll and walk. She was treated for colic. The whole night she was walking and trying to roll and get up. We tried to keep her up because lying down could make it worse.

We checked om her every hour but some time between 5:30am and 6:30am she went down and couldn’t get up anymore. We got EARS Donkey Sanctuary out to help as early as possible but nothing could be done. It was just too late for her.

Another painful death because a place of safety is not available in the area for the horses. The Greyton Horse Retreat will soon have a place for these horses but this day we had to say goodbye to Lexi. Another beautiful horse suffered this horrible death.

Please support our mission to help set up a retreat for these horses where they are safe and cared for. They don’t deserve to die like this.

If you wish to help please use the snapscan to pay funds to THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT and we will use the funds to assist with paying for these bills. Please use: Injuries as your reference. If you wish to contribute to the project in general we are eternally grateful.

If you would rather pay an EFT, please contact us for our banking details.

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