A horse called Injuries

This young Maré has been through many trials. First she had a bacterial infection as a young foal.

She survived. With treatment we managed to get her to heal. Then she got a tuna can stick to her foot that cut deep.

We managed to help her and get that healed.

Today we found her in the dump (which is badly managed – gates left open, fences stolen, no supervision, debris all over the place even outside of the designated area). She has colic.

She got treatment but it was late in the day already and as we wait through the night we hope and pray that she will survive.

Early in the morning we will find a vet to help treat her as she is not doing well. We will keep updating this post.

UPDATE 24 March 2021

Injuries has been treated. The vet indicated that her colon is compacted but no twist in the gut. She has a chance. Although it is only 50/50 we decided to take it. We are monitoring her.

Injuries (Beserings) had more treatment today for her colic. She is looking good. Grazing a little. We are hopeful.

Another day and She has deteriorated and was treated again. Twice. She constantly tried to push. She was up and down, up and down. We walked her for hours to try and help the gut loosen up. But to no avail.

On the morning of the 28th March 2021 things got so bad that she had to be taken to hospital for further treatment.

She was admitted to Drakenstein hospital and scanned. It appears that she will need an operation. Many of the people in Greyton and even outsiders and ex-Greytonians have contributed toward the cost of this process. “Injuries will not die for the lack of money”!, Nicky Vernon from Greyton Animal Sanctuary exclaims. She offers to take Injuries to the hospital and assist with bringing in more money to make sure this animal survives.

If you wish to help please use the snapscan to pay funds to THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT and we will use the funds to assist with paying for these bills. Please use: Injuries as your reference. If you wish to contribute to the project in general we are eternally grateful.

If you would rather pay an EFT, please contact us for our banking details.

UPDATE: 29 March 2021. Lax is still receiving treatment and on a drip. The vet is confident that an operation is not going to necessary. We will know this morning if there is any movement and will post another update. Poor Lax has been through so much. And this because human beings can’t take care of their waste effectively. There are many ways to take care of plastic and general waste products but here it has become a big problem. We hope to encourage our local municipality to make some changes by telling the stories of these animals in distress.

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One thought on “A horse called Injuries

  1. Our dear horse Lax is doing well at the Drakenstein Equine Hospital. Apparently the impaction has softened and we hope and pray that it will ‘move along’ within the next 24 hours. If it does an operation won’t be necessary. An operation comes with its own limitations and risks and we would like to NOT go that route. So we are praying for pooh. 🙂

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