Our little stallion didn’t make it


A beautiful little stallion roamed the streets with his mom. We saw him often and he was a feisty little one. He often caused trouble at the fence with our horses but we loved him so.

We noticed a can stuck to his foot and thanks to GAWS (Greyton Animal Welfare Society) it was removed successfully.

Sadly a few weeks later we found him near the dump. Everyone was so distraught at the death of this beautiful animal. A great loss to the owner and us.

These are the sadnesses that we have to endure because we don’t have a safe haven for these roaming animals. If you feel compelled to donate to our cause, please do. We are committed to bringing the situation under control so that the breeding is controlled and the horses are taken care of effectively. In time we hope to have a successful self-sustaining sanctuary where the horses can be enjoyed and the activities can benefit the community as a whole.

If you wish to help please use the snapscan to pay funds to THE GREYTON HORSE RETREAT and we will use the funds to assist with paying for these bills. Please use: Injuries as your reference. If you wish to contribute to the project in general we are eternally grateful.

If you would rather pay an EFT, please contact us for our banking details.

We can’t say what killed him but he was bloated and we suspect colic. He was again found near the dump yard where plastics and all sorts are free for them to eat. What a sad affair.
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